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 The city of Medellin is now a safe, vibrant, and culturally rich destination which caters to thousands of medical tourists from all over the world. 

We provide country-to-country service and guidance from the United States to Medellin-Colombia, and back for you and your travel companion(s). Our bilingual US based logistics coordinators will be in close communications with you throughout the process. Once at Medellin’s Jose Maria Cordoba airport you will be greeted by our friendly bilingual staff which will take you to the hotel and will assist you with the check-in process. They will accompany you to your surgeon visits and the hospital for surgery. Our local staff will make you feel at home, and our US based logistics coordinator will be a phone or video call away throughout the entire trip.

Some of our services are:

  • Individualized consultation from one of our US based logistics coordinators. The assigned coordinator will be your assistant throughout the process and your travels, available by phone even while you are in Medellin.
  • Initial consultative call with a bilingual, accredited aesthetics surgeon from Medellin.
  • Our packages include all medical expenses, surgeon, anesthesiologist,  hospital or clinic cost, hospital or clinic surgery insurance. Also included are travel insurance, pharmaceuticals, private transportation from and to the airport, and from and to the hotel and clinic. We also provide an exploring tour of the city and its surroundings (several to chose from. Other tours are also available). Our bilingual translators will be available during your stay. Hotel accommodations at four and five-star hotels in the trendy and exclusive area of the city (El Poblado). 
  • If desired, we can make your air travel arrangements from the US to Medellin (some folks prefer to use their miles to purchase their tickets with).
  • Voice and video communications with your loved ones are now a non-issue with today's multiple freely available social apps such as "Facetime," "Messenger,"  "Whatsapp," etc. Like most modern cities of today, free wi-fi is readily available all over the city, at coffee shops, grocery stores,  shopping centers, hotels, airports, parks, etc.
  • Our bilingual staff will be waiting for you at the Airport to help you with your luggage and to take you to the Hotel. If needed, they will provide help with the Hotel check in and checkout process.
  • Both our Medellin and US based coordinator will be in contact with you through the complete length of your stay.
  • Our bilingual personnel will accompany you to all the trips from the hotel to the clinic and will be available while you are recovering at the hotel. They are also available to accompany you on your shopping excursions.
  • On the day of your return flight, the coordinator will take you to the airport and help you with the boarding procedures.

Do you know of a good surgeon in Medellin Colombia but you do not speak Spanish, or you are not familiar with the city? Colombia Travel Logistics can help you get there. We can coordinate air travel, provide private terrestrial transportation, assist with your hotel accommodations and provide you with translators and city tours. Our flexible menu of services and our friendly staff will strive to make your trip a safe, fun and successful one in Medellin.